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The new economic order demands that an inclusive growth environment is created in each country. Hence addressing bottom of the pyramid in the rural masses becomes an imperative for businesses & governments. Head Held High is a movement, an intention that aims to eliminate poverty across the planet, by empowering rubans with skills, knowledge and employment opportunities previously unavailable to them. Through the dignity of work, persons who are very poor have a chance to be able to live the life they choose, with their heads held high.

While passion to make an impact is one of the critical characters of people working at HHH, we are not just die-hard philanthropists! At HHH, we believe in finding sustainable ways of making an impact. While it is generally harder to do, we believe that it’s the best way. Hence, we are a bunch of people who believe in the principles of business and markets to drive social impact. We believe in doing good and doing well..

Ever since the first person that we had on board quit just a day before joining us, I was always worried how we would move ahead building a team to make this movement a success! We were on our journey to the villages in India – and I was worried about how many of the people who had joined us would actually turn up for the job!

Well – in the last few weeks alone, we have had quite a few number of people joining us – in various roles – and today, I believe that as a team – we are way more confident and assured of ourselves – and I believe we are truly building a team that can take HHH to a different level altogether! This blog is a tribute to all the folks who are working with us for the last few years..


Introducing a couple of people who are a part of my team through this blog :
K Vali – While Vali comes from a development background, he had been an inspiration to all of us at HHH for a long time. Vali brings with him a sense of purpose, dedication and belief that things are possible.Vali is one of our senior operations online casino managers and he has been building our center in Bidar, Karnataka single handedly setting up the operations there..

While Vali represents one of the spectrum, we also have Nihar Shanti, who has joined us recently, who comes from the Technology and Software background – with a few years of experience in Huawei. However, what connects both Vali and Nihar Shanti is the passion to make a difference and the overall vision of HHH. We have many such passionate people like Shashikanth Shashimath, Chandana, Megharaj, Betsy, Mayank Jindal, Swathy, Ritesh among others working with us today– that’s helping HHH begin to ‘tick’.

Not just our employees, the kind of interns that HHH has been attracting oflate is another testimony to our belief & philosophy. There were a few interns  from the NUS who have been assisting us in projects in the middle of the heavy rains sans electricity in remote villages in Koppal! it’s truly amazing to see some of the interns who have worked with us going to become entrepreneurs themselves too.

Each one of them have made Head Held High what it is today – and with quite a few new people joining us everyday– we are truly excited about the future that we are intending to build together..

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Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Magicwand Empowerment Pvt. Ltd

Rajesh was a software engineer at a mobile VAS company, OnMobile, before he Co-founded Head Held High. Rajesh hails from a remote village in Sirsi, Karnataka and he came up with the idea of outsourcing work to rural India on one of his visits to his village in 2007 and started reaching out to like minded people. After working with his Co-founders and the initial success of the pilot, Rajesh quit his job in 2008, and has been working on the vision ever since. Rajesh has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions for his pioneering work – including representing Head Held High Foundation on CNN-IBN Real Heroes in 2011.

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